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We know how crucial a great website is in growth for a small business!


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Small Business Website Design You Can Trust

When Joshua started Techspire Solutions just over a year ago he knew how important an eye catching but easy to navigate website would be to our success. Since then we have reaped the benefits of a solid website through our growth and adapted it over time to ensure it keeps up with the times.

This is the same sense of pride that we aim to give every small business we work with which is achieved by ensuring the highest standard of work is maintained. We pair this with our 1 year free hosting and maintenance, which comes as standard when you purchase a website from us, so that you have peace of mind that when changes need made to the site they are done quickly and efficiently!

Through this we aim to help you increase your sales and expand your customer base. Often this is best paired with a strong social media presence, which you can find out more about in our Social Media Management packages here!

What makes a successful website for a small business?

Understanding the target market

Research to understand your target market is crucial, before you can begin to design a website that appeals to this market and responds to its needs. Details such as your business location, menus, hours or operation, patron demographics and so on are essential information to creating a positive user experience online.

User-friendly and simple design

Designs that are too flashy or busy can put off customers and translate poorly on mobile devices. Good website design must help lead visitors to what they are looking for. Simple but sophisticated designs can help to serve an aesthetic and functional purpose.

A clear call-to action

While visitors to your website know what they are looking for, you need to tell your visitors the next step once they’ve reached your website. A clear call-to-action is essential to convert visitors into customers.

E-Commerce Capabilities

Forward-thinking small businesses today don’t limit their customers to brick-and-mortar store visitors. They also incorporate ecommerce capabilities into websites to access a wider audience and grow. For small businesses operating solely online, quality ecommerce websites are critical for online growth.

Responsive Design

Cross-platform and multi-device compatibility is essential when designing a website. Visitors today access websites via different browsers, PCs and mobile devices. Small businesses must design responsive websites that perform equally well across these channels to avoid alienating potential customers.

Interested in having a website designed for your small business? Let’s get started!

Don't just take our word for it

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Our Process


Initial Meetings

Initially we will meet with you to find out the type of website you are looking for, so we can choose the most efficient way to go about building it


Research & Discovery

Following our initial meetings we will work closely with you to fully understand all of your requirements, creating an in depth analysis for us to work towards


Planning & Design

Once we have a plan mapped out for your website we will design each webpage using the wisdom of our amazing team and with guidance from you


Development Stage

Once you have fully approved the design our team will begin work bringing your website to life!


Launching the Website

After the development stage we will meet with you, reviewing every aspect and ensuring it is to your liking before launching your site onto the World Wide Web!


Post Production

Once your site has gone live it becomes time to promote it and bring in people to it! And for some added peace of mind we will always be ready to fix any issues!


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