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When Joshua started Techspire Solutions just over a year ago he knew how important an eye catching but easy to navigate website would be to our success. Since then we have reaped the benefits of a solid website through our growth and adapted it over time to ensure it keeps up with the times.

When you approach us with a request, whether it is website changes/maintenance or building you a new one, we treat your website in the manner we do our own. With the utmost importance. Through this mindset we ensure that every area of the site is looked over multiple times to see if we feel we can add anything to make it even better than it already is whilst keeping it to the style you have requested. Our website design team work with passion and drive to give you the website of your dreams!

Our Features

  • Responsive

    Responsive websites allow a site to adapt to different screen sizes enabling you to offer any visitor the best possible experience.

  • Full Content Management 

    You can update your site whenever you wish and we also offer technical support for the life of your website.

  • Free year hosting & domain

    We will include a new UK domain name and host your website for free for 1 year. Quality web design company Manchester.

  • Includes a blog

    Publishing stories to your website blog helps keep the site fresh and should also help gain a better SEO ranking.

  • Forms a blog

    Allow website visitors to complete an inquiry form and have that form sent directly to your email address so that you can respond. 

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Brilliant looking websites, designed by professionals

Here at Techspire Solutions we are a young, forward thinking team of passionate individuals who know how crucial the work they carry out can be to a business looking to bolster the e-presence required to be truly competitive in todays society.

Have a look at some of the websites we offer by clicking one of the website types and see is there is one you’d like to work with us on!

One Page Websites

A one page website is a website built as a single page. The visitor sees only one HTML page in their browser. When clicking on the navigation links, which can be at the top or at the side, the visitor is then taken to the relevant section while also having the option to scroll through the rest of the page. This is achieved by the use of anchors matching the navigation at the top or side with the corresponding section of the page.

One Page Websites

This version of a one page website is optimised so that when a visitor lands on your website whilst using a mobile device usually on a smartphone, the visitor always enjoys the best possible experience as the websites content fits to the devices height and width. It still carries all the features mentioned in the “One Page Websites” section above.

Informational Websites

An Informational Website’s main purpose is to show the visitor factual information. The website address of some well known informational websites end in .org or .gov, such as . These informational websites usually have more text content than images and contain lots of information for the visitor.

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites are built for businesses wanting to sell products online. The majority of E-commerce websites that are built are ones that are selling products directly to the public. Many businesses now see the potential to expand their customer base by offering their goods and services online. Some businesses have an E-Commerce website to be an addition to their main business such as their physical shop location in order to compliment and increase the effectiveness of their marketing work. Many businesses start up as online stores only selling their products online and taking all their payments electronically via the website.

Directory Websites

A directory website usually specialises in linking to other web sites or content by categorizing those links on the directory website. A directory website does not usually display web pages based on keywords which is the norm for standard websites, instead it lists the website content by category and subcategory. This can be for example a directory of local companies in a town with different categories such as Builder, Plumber, baker and so on. When a visitor lands on the front page of the website it is usual for them to find a search box where they can input plumber in Lancashire. They will be then taken directly to the corresponding page or listing for that category. Directory websites have a multitude of uses and can usually be as a stand alone website or incorporated into larger websites.

Small Business Websites

Small business websites are usually between 1 and 5 pages in total but could contain more if the owner wished. These websites showcase the business, what they do and how the visitor could purchase their product/s. The main reasons small businesses choose a website is to attract new clients and leads, build trust and credibility, provide another way for clients to communicate in an ever increasing world of digital communication.

Brouchure Websites

Quite simply a brochure website is designed to showcase what you do and how people can get in touch with you. A hairdresser may want to show some of their past haircuts, a beauty clinic might want to showcase their makeup and style with the use of models and photographs. These type of websites are mainly very visual in appearance with some basic additional pages such as their phone number/address/location, and a simple email contact form for customers and potential clients to get more information.

Our Process


Initial Meetings

Initially we will meet with you to find out the type of website you are looking for, so we can choose the most efficient way to go about building it


Research & Discovery

Following our initial meetings we will work closely with you to fully understand all of your requirements, creating an in depth analysis for us to work towards


Planning & Design

Once we have a plan mapped out for your website we will design each webpage using the wisdom of our amazing team and with guidance from you


Development Stage

Once you have fully approved the design our team will begin work bringing your website to life!


Launching the Website

After the development stage we will meet with you, reviewing every aspect and ensuring it is to your liking before launching your site onto the World Wide Web!


Post Production

Once your site has gone live it becomes time to promote it and bring in people to it! And for some added peace of mind we will always be ready to fix any issues!


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