Fire Door Surveying is a nationally recognized classic car registration firm with extensive experience in both regulated and deregulated car markets.

Retail Industry
IT Consultancy, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security


In the midst of rapid expansion, Firedoor Surveying engaged with us to bring their message of open, accessible, and high-quality news to life in an online space.

Communicating ease of accessibility, as well as their trademark open and inviting atmosphere, were paramount in their vision for their online presence.


The Digital Marketing Institute realized early on that Vodafone is a company that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it. They didn’t just want a foundation to their digital marketing, they also wanted to train their staff to be up-to-date and current in their knowledge and skills, so they could anticipate what their customers would want.

“I had the greatest degree of confidence in the Digital Marketing Institute, both in terms of quality of content and their global certification standard, which we could apply across all of our markets,” stated Ghafoor

Fortunately, the Vodafone Marketing Academy had a learning management system, or e-learning system, already set up. Having a learning management system meant that their staff already knew the benefits of learning online. The next step was to find the right partner, to provide the content the company needed.

To get Vodafone started, The Digital Marketing Institute began by carefully picking topics and courses that were most relevant to Vodafone and their staff. They then agreed on a global user license that gave Vodafone’s staff access to 15 of the DMI modules. Their staff could choose from modules in both the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and from the Specialist Diplomas.


We brought the clean and inviting aesthetic of the Firedoor Surveying themselves into the experience of visiting their website by creating a bespoke CMS to manage blogs within the website with an open and easy-to-follow page design.

We matched a clean style with a broken grid, resulting in a more natural viewing experience for users. Red and orange are colours that connect well with the Fire Door industry, so we used it for the sections where we needed to grab users’ attention.