In the midst of rapid expansion, Firedoor Surveying engaged with us to bring their message of open, accessible, and high-quality news to life in an online space. Communicating ease of accessibility as well as their trademark open and inviting atmosphere were paramount in their vision for their online presence.

Fire Door Surveying
Health & Safety
Website Development


The Fire Door Surveying team wanted to create a bespoke blog system for their site so that they can activly create posts rather than manually edit code. The team wanted an easy system that they could login to without the need for any third-party service on monthly contracts.


With Fire Door Surveying being a popular fire door surveying specialist in the South of England, we had to make sure that the blog system was robust and matched with the styling of the current site. As part of our research, we created user personas to understand user psychology. This helped us build the information architecture and site architecture. This is a highly educated consumer that wants more digestible content, fewer visuals, and in a frank manner. We prepared a user journey with wireframes, focusing on Fire Door Surveying’s goal of providing clients with news in the fire door industry with an effective and modern approach.


We brought the clean and inviting aesthetic of the Firedoor Surveying themselves into the experience of visiting their website by creating a bespoke CMS to manage blogs within the website with an open and easy-to-follow page design. We matched a clean style with a broken grid, resulting in a more natural viewing experience for users. Red and orange are colours that connects well with the firedoor industry, so we used it for the sections where we needed to grab users’ attention.