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Compass Property Sales
Real Estate


Compass Property Sales is an estate agent based in Tavira, Portugal. When launching a new website to advertise their properties, Compass Property Sales came to Techspire Solutions with the brief of building online visibility from the scratch.


There are three ways through which someone can place an order on the Compass Property Sales website:

Filling out the form on the properties page (enquire about on property)

Filling out the contact us form (general enquiries)

Contacting the company directly

When enquiring about the properties, the users’ needs to provide contact information about them, but also if they wanted to book a visit to the selected property. Drawing on our experience and successes, we knew that we had to market this site for people to enquire in properties – and not just browse them. By giving users clear, high quality taglines they are far better positioned to engage with Compass Property Sales. At the same time though, this was a new site with virtually non-existent rankings. We knew that we needed to combine our experience to work on the on-page, off-page and technical SEO to create a high-quality site but also to create backlinks to improve the Domain Authority. We were brought to work on the SEO for Compass Property Sales, freeing up their time and resources so that they could focus on their core business. For some companies this works perfectly, as they can double down on their strengths whilst calling upon our resources to improve their lead intake.


The improved rankings mean we’re now seeing more visitors arriving at the website. Just as importantly though, they’re being given everything they need to get in touch once they arrive.