KPIs are a measure of your performance.
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Here’s Why You Should be Keeping Track of Your KPIs

KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are metrics that give you an indication of how well your business is performing on different platforms. You can review your KPIs for your website, social media accounts, google account, and your physical business! Why should you be keeping track of your KPIs, and how? Here’s a rundown of some KPIs for your socials and website.

Social Media KPIs


Tracking your followers on social media is a good way to tell when you get an increased amount of people following you, why they may be following you, and (the most important) WHO is following you.


You can get a good measure of your performance if you pay attention to what type of posts get the most likes, or track what time of year your average likes go up. Checking out what accounts are liking is a good idea too.


Comments are hard to get. When you’re starting out, sometimes it can be a lot of spam. Having high comments on a post isn’t always a good thing (except for your analytics). It’s important to remove comments that are false, spam, or harassment. However, criticisms, positive comments, and comments that are irrelevant/discussions/mundane are extremely important to keep up as they give you insight on potential clients.


Shares are a great measure of performance because you can also see what the person has to say about your business, and then any of their likes and comments.

Bio Link clicks

If someone is interested in your content, they’ll click the link in your bio. Then you can track where they go on your website or 3rd party link sharing app, which brings us to…

Website KPIs

Bounce Rate

How long are people viewing pages of your website? Create content that makes people want to stay, or quickly get to where they want to go.

Unique Visitors

How many new people are coming to your website? Why? Analyse how often and when you get unique visitors.

Top Exit Pages

Are people leaving on your cart page? Or on certain product pages? What page people leave your site gives you a good measure on what you need to improve, change, or market more.

Average Session Duration

The average session duration on your website can tell you how interested potential clients are. How many people go on your site knowing exactly what they want from it? How many people would rather browse? Are people getting lost or struggling to find something specific? Ask yourself these questions to improve your overall performance.

Conversion Rate

Measuring how many clients go through with a purchase is an important piece in measuring your performance. Does this increase with new content? Decrease during certain times of the year?


Understanding why you should be keeping track of your KPIs, and which metrics are KPIs, can help you better curate your business. Understanding consumers who are aware of your business is a great first step in gaining more exposure from new people.

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