Why social media is the best marketing tool in 2022
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Why Social Media is the Best Marketing Tool in 2022

Long gone are the days where you contact your local
newspaper or radio station and request an ad spot. Now, one of the easiest and
cheapest ways to market your brand is through social media. There are loads of
different social platform with millions upon millions of active daily users. Some
popular socials include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
However, if those don’t fit your bill (maybe you’re more of a creative?),
Tiktok, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, and Medium are just a few
more. The internet is full of untapped potential for your business to thrive,
and we want to help you find the best social media platform that’ll help reach
your goals. You’ll find out why social media is the best marketing tool in 2022
by the end of this blog.

Why Social Media and not traditional forms?

Why all this focus on social media? Why can’t you market in
just the traditional ways? Well, you can, but it may be a lot harder to grow
your business when you’re spending all that money on ads. Social Media
Marketing tends to be faster and more measurable (1) than traditional
marketing. As a business owner with a Facebook Page, for example, you can use
Meta’s insights tools to physically see just how many people have seen or
interacted with your advertisements or posts. Using a traditional form of
marketing, such as a billboard, you can calculate the approximate number of
people who will see your advertisement by researching traffic conditions,
housing, and public spaces in the nearby area. However, this method is
extremely time consuming and may not be accurate.

Perks of Social Media

Social Media Marketing guarantees eyes on your content.
Marketing on social media can also be much more affordable (1) than
traditional ways. You have the ability to make your own content often, and you
don’t even have to spend money on ads to get conversions. Not only is it more
affordable, but you gain valuable insights on who is interacting with your
content. This can help you hone in on your posts so they go straight to your
target market’s hands. Social media platforms are quite versatile in the way
that you’re able to put out whatever you feel comfortable making, and what you
think might show your brand off best. You even have the opportunity for trial
and error and A/B testing for extremely affordable prices. Traditional forms of
marketing are still important, but the price and inaccuracy of results make it
a less relevant tool than social media marketing.

Speed of Social Media

Since people are using social media on their phones or computers,
it’s much easier and faster for them to go from one site to another. Potential
consumers can view your social media post, then visit your profile, go to your
website, put a product in their basket, and checkout all within 5 minutes or
less. The speed of conversion is only getting faster. For example, Pinterest
has recently announced they will roll out a new form of shopping, where they
offer one click purchases on items people see in their feeds. Social Media
Marketing gives you more freedom to perfect your brand image and cater to your
target markets.

This is why SMM is the best marketing tool in 2022.

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