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Personalising Personification

Personification is generally described as attributing
human-like traits to objects or creatures that are not human. This practice can
also be used for things like your brand image, or even products that you sell.

How to understand your brand image

Personifying brand image isn’t the only step you need to
take. Personalizing this personified version of whatever you decide is the most
important aspect. You can make a caricature of your brand, but what good is it
when no one can relate to it?

Studying your target markets should be your first step. Who
do you want to purchase from your business? What lifestyles do your products
cater to? Do you want everyone who sees your products to buy from you? If so, who
are the people currently buying? You can work with this group of people to
target their wider relationship bubble. Word of mouth is considered a
trustworthy source of information to people, and getting consumers talking
about your brand is just the start. You must have high customer priority.

Consumers want a personalized experience, especially when they shop small. Many
small businesses are ace at providing a heart-warming customer experience with
high attention to detail. People know they’re going to get high quality items
made with love when purchasing from a small business. Now, how do you relay
that to the image of your brand? How do you let people who have never purchased
from your business know that you’re great at what you do? You personalize your
brand image through personification!

Why personification is useful

Why should you personify your brand or brand image? People
relate to objects, items, and other sorts when they are attributed to human
features. Dogs are as cute as babies! Marketers want potential consumers to
relate to brands in more ways than one. Not only do consumers need or want your
product, but they could also feel inspired or related to as well. Touching the
hearts of consumers with a brand that relates to them.

Your brand is an entirely different entity, and you can make
it anything you want. Think of what traits your consumers have or want to have,
and build on it. You can create an entire brand identity that is living and
breathing, well, not quite. But you get the picture! It’s like building a
character in video games. Your entity can be anything you dream of and more.

Quick Tips

So, here’s some tips to use on your brand image journey:

•Study your consumers.

•Study your target market

•Build brand reputation

•Use a colour palette

•Try out creature and object generators

•Use shapes, nature, and your imagination

•Try asking friends for help

We hope this blog was helpful in understanding how to
personalize your brand image.

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