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Our new sponsorship – Jessica Mae Studios

This month, you have seen insight into our sponsees business, more importantly, why we love her work so much!

So, here is a little more about Jessica and what has been involved in her sponsorship with us.

Jessica first became interested and came across sustainable design and art as she studied an art foundation course some years ago, whilst at college. Jessica became intrigued to the idea of reinventing, transforming, and creating used materials into something new and something beautiful. Which we now can see, she was extremely successful in doing.

One day, Jessica remembers vividly is a day she drove past her local waste tip. That day, so much waste and unwanted product had been overspilled from the huge garbage disposal bins that it has subsequently spilled onto the grass verges alongside them and surrounding it. As many of us would, she pondered the thought of what would happen to that rubbish and how harmful all this rubbish must be to our environment and the world. From this thought, she began to research and investigate more into the world of waste, recycling, and the effects our rubbish and disposed goods have on the world. From this, Jessica discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Like many of us, she was in no way aware that this even existed, not only this, she also investigated the truly devastating effects that the amount of plastic that is put into garbage, has on the environment and our ever suffering oceans.

Ever since Jessica delved into the health of the world and our rubbish’s effect on our oceans, she has been collecting, repurposing, and reimagining as much plastic waste as she possibly can.

As she reimagined and reinvented our used and old plastic, she began to create beautiful pieces of art. These pieces of art can be seen on the gallery on her website (this will be linked below).

From this, Jessica’s designs and ideas developed and evolved, from this she now designs, innovates, and creates the beautifully contemporary and eco-friendly lamps which she now creates and sells. 

Jessica then went on to study Textile Design at Norwich University of the arts. From this, she successfully went on to develop and learn many new and exciting skills that she frequently reflects onto her work and creations.

These skills have been developed into her most recent eco-friendly collection. A series of lamps and light fittings were created from used plastic milk bottles. All the milk bottles and plastic have been and are continually collected from Jessica’s local cafes, restaurants, and businesses. Not only this, but she also collects bottles from her family and friends who support her greatly throughout her business.

Techspire solutions, as part of the sponsorship with Jessica Mae studio provided her with 3 key products and services, all of which are available to you!

Firstly, we provided Jessica with a brand new and expertly improved logo. You can see this on our profile as well as Jessica’s. From this, our expertly talented graphic designers designed brand-new business cards for Jessica. With this, Jessica chose an eco-friendly card, made from recycled paper and cards. With our aim to assist Jessica as best we can, we also provided her with the use of our social media scheduling dashboard. This dashboard, also available to you, enables you to schedule posts months in advance, any time of day. With the ability to schedule the same post for all your platforms. This includes YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in, plus many more. Like this, we also gave Jessica access to our brand new and newly finished marketing dashboard. Here, you can see every insight that is able to come from your social media accounts. Where your traffic is from, their ages, and much more.

If you are interested in any of Jessica’s products please see below: