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Meet The Team Monday – Laura Darby, Marketing Manager

This week on Meet The Team Monday, we’re joined by Laura Darby our Marketing & Communications Manager at Techspire Solutions. 

Laura’s day-to-day working life starts on Instagram and ends with creating content for your social media accounts.

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Q. Tell us a little about you.

Hi, my name is Laura. I’m based in Wigan, currently studying in Preston. Myself and Joshua our managing director have been friends since we were in year 9 at high school!

Q. What is your role at Techspire solutions and how long have you been with us? 

My role at Techspire is the marketing and communications manager. I oversee the social media and marketing of clients and ourselves. I manage our social media platforms and our online platform appearance and communications. I also oversee social media management packages and training.

I’ve been at Techspire solutions since September 2020. However, I have been supporting Josh since he first started the business and before!

Q. What is your favourite part about working at Techspire solutions? 

There’s so many things! I love working for one of my closest friends, seeing his business flourish and expand but I also love providing an amazing and trustworthy service to our fantastic clients!
Like my colleagues, I adore seeing our clients happy with the final results of their projects.

Q. If money was no object, what business would you set up? 

I think I’d set up a nonprofit organisation for children and young adults who are disabled or have special needs. A subject very close to my heart. I’d love to set up a play centre where young adults who are disabled/have special needs can play and not get stuck or look out of place. I would love that, I think it would be great fun!

If you’d like to get to know more about what Laura can do, how she can improve your social media platform or how she can help you with her social media and marketing training.

Does your social media need a re-vamp, or your company need some marketing assistance? Then get in touch with Laura today! Call Laura on 0161 826 4372 or send her an email via [email protected] and she will get to any request. Nothing is too big or small!

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