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Earth Day Employee Spotlight: Nicole

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole, and I recently joined the
Techspire Solutions Team back in October of 2021. I am a Digital Marketing
Master’s student at the University of Salford, undertaking my dissertation
project about sustainability within digital marketing. I thought I’d share a
little bit about me and my mission to make digital marketing a greener

I’m from a small town in Michigan, USA where I was raised on
a dairy farm with 3 older sisters. I graduated with honors from my high school,
and then went on to study my Bachelor’s at Ferris State University in 2017. I
graduated early with a major in Music and Entertainment Business Management and
a minor concentration in Film Studies. In 2018, I was medically diagnosed with
epilepsy, which has brought new challenges and benefits to my life. One of the
benefits is an assistance dog, who I am most grateful for! Despite the
difficulties my diagnosis has brought, my assistance dog and I came to Salford
in August of 2020 so I could pursue my Master’s, and I’m loving it! I’ve
recently gained a passion for sustainability, and it’s a long-term goal of mine
to show the world that anything can be sustainable, especially digital

I became passionate about the environment from a young age.
Growing up around animals, forests, and meadows allowed me to have an appreciation
for even the smallest creatures (especially frogs). As I got older, I became
curious about life in the city, especially life in England, and I was
determined to make it to the UK at some point. After visiting cities in the US
like Chicago and San Francisco, it made me lose a little hope. The lack of
greenery in and around cities in the US made me sad, and I was afraid cities in
England would be like the cement cities back home. You could say I was
pleasantly surprised to see all the green space in the northwest UK when I
first came here! Going to parks here has really revitalized my desire to make
every space I come across green, most importantly, our online space.

One of the things I’ve noticed during my learning experience
is that the average person doesn’t realize that using the internet contributes
to our climate emergency. Internet usage accounts for around 3.7% of the
world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Sending emails, creating social media posts,
and writing blogs all carry a carbon footprint. There is no point to tell
people to “use the internet less” because technology is only going to improve!
However, allowing people to learn about the effects of their internet use is
the first step in creating a greener digital environment.

I’m working with Techspire Solutions on a work placement for
my dissertation, where I will be collecting anonymized data from interactions
on posts like this blog. The goal is to find out just how many people in the UK
who are associated with digital marketing in some way are interested in
sustainability. I am particularly interested in listening to small, sustainable
business owners who may find gaining exposure on social media difficult. One
part of my dissertation includes an interview process. I am currently searching
for small, sustainable business owners who have 5,000 followers or less on
Instagram who would be interested in meeting over video call to answer
questions about sustainability and their brand’s relationship with social

If you own or work for a small, sustainable business and are
interested in being interviewed, where quotes and details will be anonymized,
let us know! My email is [email protected].

Thanks for reading!

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