Quick Tips

Digital Marketing and Sustainability.

Digital Marketing and sustainability are practices that, when used together, can increase trust and awareness of your brand. We can use tools and techniques to make our digital environment more sustainable with just a few simple tasks.

The Why

The severity of the climate emergency is no joke. Techspire
Solutions wants to work towards a more sustainable future that is accessible
for all. On many occasions, business owners and managers are steeped with the
task of handling too many things at once. Switching to more sustainable
alternatives for products and service offered can be daunting and pricy. That’s
why we’re here to eliminate some of the burden!


There are many sustainable solutions that digital marketing
has to offer. Here are just a few options you can practice at your business.

Transparent Website

You can add a section or page on your website that gives
your consumers the transparency they need. Almost 90%
of UK consumers
view transparency as the key to increase trust. Even if
you’re not really offering or using systems that are 100% sustainable, we
guarantee that consumers will trust you more if you’re clear about it. Very
many companies have some sort of sustainability goal, from using more renewable
energy to adhering to high ethical standards. With just a little bit of
research, you can find out if your outsourced products and/or services are
working towards a more sustainable world. Then, you’ll be able to offer
consumers and potential consumers a glance into who your business really is!

Optimized Website

Optimizing your website to be faster and more efficient is
another simple sustainable alternative that you can start. Use options such as
lazy loading on media, not using an auto-play feature on videos, and eliminating
unnecessary content. Just doing those few things can take minutes of your time
but increase the speed of your website by tenfold, making sure your customers
get right where they want to as quickly as possible. Other ways to simplify
your website are to improve site navigation, use videos strategically, and
stick to a simple colour scheme. These quick tasks are a sure-fire way to
improve the quality of time customers have on your website.

Green Website Host

Switching to a greener web host. This task can be a bit more
challenging, but the payoff is totally worth it. There are numerous web hosts
that are using 100% renewable energy for their datacentres, and more that are
working towards 100% renewable energy in their offices, too. Some that practice
Carbon Capturing, and going further by planting trees and water recycling. At
Techspire Solutions, we use Microsoft Azure for all of our clients. Azure is
working towards 100% renewable energy by 2025, replenish more water than they
consume by 2030, and zero waste certification by 2030. You can read more about
their goals here.


Now is the time! Getting started on or completing your
sustainability goals as soon as possible should be high on your priority list.


Sustainability is important to us at Techspire Solutions,
which is why we offer affordable social media management services to small
businesses like yours. We use green cloud-based technology and software with
sustainability goals to make sure you can keep on track with your own! Using both digital marketing and sustainability, we can all make our online environments a greener place. Visit
techspiresolutions.co.uk to find out how we can work together.