Roadmap to developing your SMMS
Quick Tips

Developing a Social Media Strategy

Ever wonder how so many businesses on social media can have millions of followers? They have a social media marketing strategy (SMMS)! SMMS is vital for any business or person who wants to grow a steady following on social platforms.  Here’s what you can do to set yourself on the right track:

Set reasonable goals 

It’s important to set multiple goals, both long term and short term. These goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, and for certain goals, time-based (SMART). SMART goals help business managers create goals that a business can actually reach within a given period. It can be more difficult to reach goals that don’t keep SMART in mind. 

Research, research, and more research 

What group of consumers is your business trying to target, and where are they? Research these consumer types, and try to curate content towards them. Review other businesses that are like yours. What are they doing differently? What can you do better? What platforms are they using? 

Pick the right platforms for you 

Your target audience can be on one platform, or they can be on many. It’s important for you to decide which platforms are the best for your business, and what you can use to grow the most. Researching the different social platforms and what audiences are on them is a vital first step before posting regularly. Is your businesses B2B, or oriented towards other business professionals? Try LinkedIn. Are you looking for a younger crowd? Try TikTok or Instagram. 

Get Creative, Start Educating 

Creative, fun, and interactive posts should come first and foremost on your social profiles before you start promoting your business. Potential consumers need to be interested in your content before they will ever think about purchasing from you. Design posts that are interesting and get viewers to think about what your business can do for them. Then, you can educate them on why your business is the best for your products. Including your sustainability promises, mission statement, and values will make consumers more inclined to trust your business. 

Schedule your posts 

Once you’ve decided on the social platforms you want your business to appear on, and have created some posts, now is the time to schedule! Being timely and posting frequently on socials is the #1 way to fast track gaining followers. Viewers like seeing content regularly so they know you’re active and able to help if they need it. Use a third party app to schedule posts out weeks in advance. Review different automation apps here.


Using a SMMS will be a great help to start your business’s social media journey. Keeping your business goals and values in mind, you’ll soon see a steady increase in engagement. Just remember to be creative, organized, and post as frequently as you can! 

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