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  • brand & web development
  • business startup
logo animation
the mission

BeWellPathway is purely a startup. BeWellPathway came to us, all they had was an idea. After working with us, they now have brand identity, a client booking system with HIPPA compliant and a fully designed and optimized website.

chapter — 1



BeWellPathway needed their website to speak to a wide audience—their desired client base. We utilized subtle animations to show that BeWellPathway are sophisticated, yet young and energetic.

Website preview on mobile
Logo in circle
chapter — 2


With BeWellPathway being a pure startup in a hyper specific niche, we had our work cut out for us to understand this user, their habits and their needs. As part of our research, we created user personas to understand the user psychology. This helped us build the information architecture and site architecture. This is a highly educated consumer that wants more digestible content, less visuals, and in a frank manner. We prepared a user journey with wireframes, focusing on BeWellPathway’s goal of providing a secure online therapy to clients on their effective and modern approach.

Website on imac preview
Color palette

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